Information for Visitors

It is our priority to make all the visitors in Laško feel comfortable, and to make as little logistic or traffic challenges as possible. That’s why we ask you to carefully read our tips and directions on how to get to Laško and the campsite.

Laško – visitor friendly city

For visitors, Laško is by far the friendliest city in the area, since the stages are no more than 100 m apart. Everything happening during the festival is in within the reach – close and accessible. All locations are situated in the city centre and its immediate vicinity.

It’s best to arrive by train

A train ride to Laško is a safe and a comfortable choice, and it doesn’t take long. Laško train station is just two minutes away from the city centre, which makes arriving by train really simple.

Prohibited items

It is forbidden to bring any type of firearms, pyrotechnics, chains, glass, food or drink, plastic bottles, audio and other recording devices, telescopic selfie sticks, drones or other electronically controlled devices, laser lights or large pointed umbrellas to the festival area. No animals allowed.


Roadblocks during the festival are a necessity because they enable the festival’s activities to run smoothly. We would like to kindly ask for your understanding, patience, and to abide the instructions. For the fastest and simplest solution please follow the instructions of our guards and other authorised personnel.

Traffic regulation and parking

Just like every year, we try to make traffic regulations as friendly as possible, and simple and safe, if you’re arriving by car. With that in mind, we advise drivers and passengers to stay patient, and follow the instructions of our guards and other authorised personnel.


Excited visitors know that sleeping in a tent makes a festival the most exciting experience. Pivo in Cvetje Festival’s camp is known for its idyllic location by the Savinja river, just minutes away from stage events.


You are welcome to visit our TIC Laško store and their stand in the city centre any time during the festival.

Tourist Information Centre Laško

Tourist information centre is located in the centre of Laško. In it you can find various tourist brochures that are freely available, but you can also buy different souvenirs, Pivovarna Laško promotional material, as well as delicacies and products from the countryside.

Price List

Check camping prices. On designated and regulated parking lots, the parking is free this year.