Exhibition marking the 130-year anniversary of Laško Tourism Society

“Since last summer, Laško has its own embellishing society, one that was badly needed, because there are many things that need fixing in our beautiful town.” is what Karl Valentinčič wrote in his famous chronicles in 1889.

The founding of an embellishing at the time, and today’s Laško Tourism Society happened on 22 April 1889. In the years after the establishment, the Society rolled up their sleeves, cut pathways on both banks of Savinja, fixed up the surroundings of the Sopota Waterfall in Tevče, built footbridges over Lahomnica, fixed a blessed fountain in Jagoče, and built swimming huts that were true carpentry masterpieces on the left bank. During the great wars, they built a weather station, but we will forever remember them for their organisation of Pivo and Cvetje Festival that was organised with the help of other tourism society from our city for a number of years. Kindly invited to the exhibition, to be reminded and to remember!