Laško Horticultural Society’s traditional decoration with planted flowers will be additionally complemented this year. They prepared an assortment of three thematically diverse locations that will offer different experiences, as well as encourage visitors to get involved in events happening at the time.

Glow-in-the-dark floor signs, signposts at each location, and small icons on the festival map will help visitors get around. Every visitor gets a stamp on their collecting card at each of the locations they visit. When they get three stamps, they can flower-up – they receive a flower brooch or a flower crown.

Three locations – three experiences: Rainbow Land, Brewer’s Hideout, Fashion Garden

1st location: Rainbow Land
Where: in front of Laško Cultural Centre
This location will be active during the Rainbow Land accompanying programme.
You can find the first location in front of the bridge entry to the stage, where you can take photos looking through a large flower frame with Laško’s landscape.

2nd location: Brewer’s Hideout
Where: Trubarjeva 3, the building’s courtyard
During the event, the location will be active until 10 p.m., and on Sunday until 7 p.m.
The theme of the location is brewer’s hidden garden, where visitors can take some time off from the events, rest their legs, and of course admire flower masterpieces, as well as discover secret flower arrangements.

By design, the flower arrangements make the location radiate from masculine energy. Several aspects make it interesting to visit. It represents an oasis hidden from the street’s bustle, lying in the shade where you can cool down. During the hot summer temperatures, the flower arrangements prefer it as well, because the shade makes them keep their freshness and beautiful colours longer. The hideout is a new addition and an extra production of the event.

3rd location: Fashion Garden
Where: Aškerčev Trg/garden by the Laško library
During the event, the location will be active until 10 p.m., and on Sunday until 7 p.m.
Unlike the Hideout, this location is dedicated to female energy, with fashion mannequins dressed in flowers, large decorative teapots, a flower landscape, and other assorted decorations. The visitors are encouraged to take pictures, photograph themselves, publish it on social media, and tag the event. During the event, all photos are promptly published.

Planted flowers and the closing parade
With the help of the Komunala Laško company, the Horticultural Society will take care of the planted flowers, just like they do every year. The flowers will be planted on the grass in front of Laško Cultural Centre (next to the bridge leading to the old city centre).

Once again, the Society will take care of the large part of arrangements for participants included in the traditional Sunday closing parade.

Photographs are symbolic (our past projects) to help create the atmosphere.